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Thank you Lan! It has been an ultimate pleasure working with you!

Yes, we have shown dynos of 1, 2, and 3 around the forum. Stage 4 will come soon.

Yes, Stage 4 is Stage 3 optimized for DPs (same max boost but other changes). Do note, all of the stages will benefit on their own from DPs as well, but this stage 4 is meant to maximize their performance.

Yes, you can get Stage 4 now, but we must notify you and every person that wants it:
On paper, Stage 4 is right at the limit of the rated speeds of the stock MHI turbos. This is why Stage 4 won't be advertised, but is available to those who want max power and know the possible risk. We know the piggybacks decided to push it farther, but this is the absolute limit we will go. We are not out to win HP dyno wars and won't run that high of timing and lean AFRs they do. We have been working on boosted BMWs since the day we opened and know what BMW meant these engines to do. We pride ourselves on making a silly smooth, stock feeling, no-BS, powerful tune for your N54 for a great price.

For now, the $750-any-stage price will hold steady on E90post.