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Originally Posted by M5Rick View Post
You're in a haze with your theories of what is and what is not and if you believe the silvers got 7 championships on the trot with just innovation, some from diesel engines you say then I'm definitely not saying any more
Nope I'm always fact and science based, I don't believe in loose clinging nonsense. Remember if there were suspected instance of collusion between Mercedes and the FIA then there would have already been lawsuits from all the other teams (who also see this conspiratorial nonsense but actually have the means of proving it). But the fact that there hasn't been a single one is proof in of itself Mercedes won based on innovation.

Also non of the other engine manufacturers said anything about Mercedes pushing for v6's when the 4 cylinder engines were in play. Not even the manufacturers that went bankrupt due to the major changes and had to pull out said a single thing. The only people bringing this back up are the ones that hate Mercedes - in particular Lewis Hamilton. You can see the Innovation between Merc and the rest, if you would like to refute it go on list every single major innovation (never done before ground breaking technology that changed the way F1 cars were made, not just minor upgrades), and let's see which team brought the most innovations.

Just because it's tech from a diesel engine has little to do with it not being good. Pre chamber ignition and split turbos came right off of diesel engines, yet when Honda announced it I seem to remember the redbull fans going wild.

Don't forget I'm not the one saying a diffuser produces thrust and more down force causes more tire wear, and front wings induce lift.
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