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Originally Posted by E93_Savage View Post
I got into sim racing 1 year ago, yes all the setup takes time. Same with a real car you have to set it up to perform at its max. Still working on gathering parts for my OSW DD setup (big mige). I will be going through something ive never done before. Im planning for it to take me a week or two before i can even turn the thing on.

There are also base* setups you can download and drop into the file system to get you started depending on which game(s) you play.

Also for the seat i got a NRG bucket seat because that's what i actually drive in. 6'2 210lbs... comfy for 3 hours then it hurts and its hard to get up lol.
ok, slow and easy it shall be!

the amount of time i have to set things up i won't be doing any racing for a while! can't even keep the car on the track.

i think i need to find a way to get the feeling of speed right. FOV it is ...
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