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Originally Posted by aozer View Post
In 2013 I graduated with a 2.8 gpa in electrical engineering from a well respected school and couldn’t even get an interview. Went back to school, got my masters with a 3.93 gpa and had a job at one of the top semiconductor companies in the world before I even graduated. If you think gpa means nothing for new college grads you’re fucking clueless.
I believe the initial GPA talk was relative to High School not college. College grads are all on a 4.0 scale I thought.

In some fields - engineering for example - GPA drives a lot of the hiring process. Companies want book smart!! Sales - I'm less concerned with grades and more concerned with what Thxrick mentions - communication and common sense skills.

When I hire I look for (in this order):
1) Fit with my team (and the firm)
2) Ability
3) Initiative
4) Estimated longevity