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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
I have no direct knowledge, but my brother is an engineer so I am not completely clueless. I know he didn't have anywhere near a 4.0 and had no issue getting a job because he has a lot of other qualities.

Takes one to know one? There isn't a job I know of that GPA is a useful metric to determine a good employee unless you just want a worker drone that has no intention of ever doing more than entry level work. In my field, we just look for more I guess?

GPA doesn't set apart anything. Almost every resume I see has a high GPA. Getting a high GPA gives me absolutely no information on how the person will work in the field. It means they can study and do homework, nothing about how they actually communicate, work on a deadline, juggle projects, get along with coworkers, think critically, or just about anything else that is actually important in a real job.

Edit: Let me put it this way... if you need to sacrifice your GPA in order to get an internship, any type of work related experience, experience running campus groups (frats, clubs, etc) or anything that will make you look like a more rounded person who is able to juggle work... do it.
the thing is, in the degrees and programs we hire from, everyone is required to have a certain level of work experience and everyone is required to have an internship just to graduate. the easiest way to differentiate between the dozens of people i meet and receive resumes from at the career fairs is to check GPAs.

of course, if they bomb the interview, a GPA isnt going to help.

I used to be like you and think GPA didnt matter much. "Cs get degrees". Until I started doing the hiring process like this, as does much of my industry for entry level positions.

And if someone has to sacrifice their GPA in order to do things outside of school work, it would signal to me they cant handle the heavy workload and high stress that will be required of them.