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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
Well not everyone hires the same way, and it likely does change by industry due to how schooling is done. We select interns due to interactions on visits and interviews and GPA really doesn't make it's way into the process (we don't see anything below a 3.0 but that is much lower than what we are talking about in here).

We hire solely from our intern classes which checks the work requirement. So for entry level you need good communication and good fit within our company culture to get an internship and you need to prove yourself at the internship for a job. After my first job I personally just didn't even keep including my GPA and never got asked about it.

Maybe I am jaded from my experiences or my field, most of the higher GPA employees I have dealt with have been bad employees while middle of the road (~3.5 GPA) have been some of the better ones that adapt to the work quicker.
our last recruiting trip we had over 60 resumes turned in for internships during a 1 day career fair. just no time to get much more info than gpa, any previous experience, and degree/age