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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
Maybe I am jaded from my experiences or my field, most of the higher GPA employees I have dealt with have been bad employees while middle of the road (~3.5 GPA) have been some of the better ones that adapt to the work quicker.
No, you are definitely on to something. I have one employee who sported a 4.0 GPA out of university. He's very smart, pretty talented, and a complete nightmare to manage. He's so transfixed on being graded and scoring the perfect "grade" on his mid-year and end of year performance reviews that he structures his work to produce the highest possible review ratings as opposed to doing what's best, strategically, for the company.

His little brain was blown this week when he scored above average but below the top tier on his mid-year review. We talked a lot about his decisions to sideline projects of strategic importance in order to focus on projects that would net him the highest possible score on the report card. He didn't like that. He may leave. Oh well.