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Originally Posted by Neutrino45 View Post
Here are the part numbers for the parts replaced. Can someone tell me if these the the new cylinder head bolts that do not crack?
Looks like the replacement part number matches mine. I guess I should be fine. Good thing I got the ticking and the bolt issue fixed right before my initial warranty runs out.

Originally Posted by zachar3 View Post
Which is the service bulletin? theres too many links on here for me to find it.
I'm not sure. You'll have to search for it in this thread and read the results. Use "SIB" as your keyword.

Originally Posted by E92Vancouver View Post
A poster to this site tried to get his HVA's replaced under his 3rd party warranty and they denied the claim under the excuse that the car has not broken down and still runs fine.
That's why I bought the BMW extension. If you guys decide to buy an extension from BMW, please go to my thread and post your quotes. It'll help the community to shop for the best price.