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Tuner wars II: battle of the flashes

So we are now fortunate to have several choices of aftermarket performance flash tunes in the USA/NA market. I am a flash newb, never had one, don't know much about them, and don't have any training in that aspect of engineering. So we are counting on those of you with much more knowledge to carry this discussion along. Here are the basics as I see it:

BMW Performance: OEM. Warranty, dealer network, etc. High cost but includes extensive cooling hardware. About $1500-2000 ($1795 MSRP for MSD81). +25-35 hp

Dinan: long and storied reputation, huge initial advantage with BMW dealer network. Three stages, but require expensive Dinan parts. High cost (MSRP $1500-2500), but includes Dinan/BMW warranty. Future not as clear as it once was. +40-80 hp

ESS: High tech Euro firm breaking into USA market. Four stages. About $600-800 (MSRP 895-1095). Limited dealer network. +40-90 hp

GIAC: High tech NA firm. Two+ stages. About $800. Extensive dealer network. +40-80 hp

LET: Small scale midwest firm. About $400-500. Limited dealer network. +40-50 hp.

No doubt I have forgotten a few others. Please help me to include them. I am curious to see how the market pans out. Dinan appears to be fading in the flash area. BMW is not competing in the high performance niche. It seems to boil down to ESS & GIAC and the Piggys. ESS has tremendous tech resources from its Euro operations. GIAC has a fairly extensive dealer network and lots of experience in the USA market.