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Originally Posted by hassmaschine View Post
ok, but it's wrong - and that's not an official BMW document either. The WDS, however, is, and E90s don't have kline, not even early ones. The pin for Kline is x60002 #2 (on all MSV & MSD DMEs) and you will find on the E9x they all say "not used".
What about the JBE module?

I mean if yours doesn't have it it doesn't have it. But WDS definitely seems to indicate that the early E90 JBE module should act as a K-line to PT-CAN/K-CAN translator (much like the KGM on pre 2008 E60s)

Originally Posted by DaanBMW View Post
Do we have agreement that all US e9x use Dcan ? Mine being a 10/2006 I also thought that it's a K-line, only here I read differently. Are there any speed tests that can confirm ? AFAIK the K-line should be way slower than a Dcan...
D-CAN is theoretically faster, but in reality, at least with these cables, it isn't. At best it's the same speed - I actually get much better speeds K-line. Might not be the case with an ICOM interface or similar.

Best speeds should be through an ICOM with the MOST adapter

A D-CAN cable should support both modes though, so you don't have to worry about that too much. There are some modules they don't flash properly though (MSS60 gets corrupted when written in D-CAN mode for some reason... if you program it through the K-line or an ICOM, it's fine).
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