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Thanks gang for your info in this thread. Installed my system today which took about an hour. Got the can on amazon for $26 sold by K-Motor Performance. I like the design being clear I can check it at a glance. Its barbs are 3/8". Used 3/8 to 1/2" brass adapters ( pex type)
picked up high temp tubing from advanced auto. I used 2 short lengths of 3/8 and made my runs with the 1/2 inch. I used about 3.5 feet. Used 1" high temp silicon tubing to connect to the pvc and intake. The tubing was a close fit to the outside of the 1/2" line so I slid it over top. This I secured with zip ties. I did not use any elbows and I have a loop on the inlet side. Not sure how this will hold up but I will try to update if there are issues.
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