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Originally Posted by jaiman View Post
Ummm, the CPC is a right wing party, but they'd only be a touch to the right of the Democrats and far to the left of the Republicans. Add to that, several of the policies that kept Canadian banks sound were enacted by the previous Liberal government, and it was a Liberal government that balanced Canada's budget with rather sever spending cuts and your subtle implication that America needs a shift to the right in order to prosper starts to wobble.
Your remarks then suggest that Canadian interpretations of labels such as "conservative" and "liberal" dont convert directly to American equivalents.

Balancing a budget with severe spending cuts sounds like a sound economic idea to me, doesn't sound like something a person with liberal or left ideologies would be very happy about.

Actions > Labels IMHO. Frankly, the semantics of the name doesnt matter to me, you can call your party the crazy bastards, but if you make smart economic choices such as cutting spending, and lowering corporate tax rates, you got my support over someone who wants to raise taxes and jack up the spending.