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Originally Posted by jaiman View Post
You are missing the point, the cuts were palatable BECAUSE it was the left making them. The fact that the Liberals were willing to do it made people realize how needed they were. If the conservatives had tried the same thing, everyone on the the Left would have been up in arms. Ever heard the expression "Only Nixon could go to China?" same thing.
I am familiar with the Nixon expression. That does provide clarity, thanks.

So, there was a party which normally upholds left-wing ideologies, and in this particular instance, reluctantly executed policy which most would characterize as representing a right-wing approach.

It's probably true, then, if the right-wingers had proposed this, the liberals would have been up in arms (probably on principle alone), and likely resisted this. As history has shown, they would have been wrong to do so.

After all, this would be a policy which you yourself assert is a key factor in the fiscal health Canada enjoys today, right ?

A 'left-wing' party did a 'right-wing' thing, in spite of their ideologies, not because of them. With 20/20 hindsight we see that it was the correct thing to do.

I wonder how things would be today in Canada, if people had rejected a fundamentally good idea because the "wrong type of idealogue" presented it.

I certainly respect the fact that you feel that my "implication that America needs a shift to the right in order to prosper", has a wobble in it. I am unclear how this snippet of history supports that...