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Originally Posted by N111CUK View Post
I'm in the same boat as you, can't decide but I never can Grrr!!

So my budget is what I should consider first of all and 1k or less inc fitting is what I'm looking at.

idnan has some used Birds B3's up for 550. I've heard great things but I'm wondering if I buy these I'll be the third owner so resale is non existent. Will I want more adjustability to go aggressive as and when? Questions we need to answer

So maybe I should just do the coilovers and be done with it.
BC BR Series are what?
Hard, Soft, perfect for street poodling around and quiet.

Who has these and what's the compromise?
I do. BC BR Series are perfect for everyday daily drive, occasional track days and soft rides for those long journeys.. The 1st and the last are probably most accurate IMO.

I change my damp settings to see what ride Q is like over diff settings (soft, medium and hard) and all I'm going to say on this is to avoid hardest for DD.. I was new to the scene and didn't know I had to adjust them haha even thou I bought them but after a day of Hardest setting, I lifted the bonnet and turned the dials to the left (it clicks on every turn) and my jaws dropped.... I fell in love with the car all over again.

I have not stopped smiling about my car and it is THE best mod I've done. Yes it is my first ever suspension mod but boy was it a wise decision.

Since my thread / review on them, I've had many US guys ask me about them and I've said this... I absolutely love the coilovers and it'll be a staple for years to come lol! It's no compromise .. It's a brilliant kit with a great ride Q over stock.. That's my 2p.
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