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Rattling noise from driver front wheel

hi guys , here is my problem. Every time I press brakes to come to a halt , there is a rattling noise coming from the driver front wheel also I can feel the vibration in the steering wheel and brake pedal. I jacked the car up and took off the driver wheel and inspected the lot and saw that the screw that holds the rotor was really slack. After tightening that screw and taking it for a test drive the screw I tightened made no difference I got the same rattling. I noticed that if I drive on uneven pavements such as gravel rocks or a bumpy path and try coming to a stop the same problem occurs where as my foot is planted on the brakes and the rattling is outrageous.

I wanna be as clear as possible in my explanation so that I'm understood.

I do appreciate any feed back that i get.
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