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I like everything about the car, except the badge. I think it is weird to called them X6 M50d (did I even say that right??) and M550d. If the cars deserve the M badge, I think it should be called X6 Md or X6d M (still weird...) and M5d. If they don't deserve the badge, then call it X6 50ds and 550ds (I still don't get the 50 part even though I know BMW abandoned the displacement naming tradition) and still write the word "Powered by BMW M" under the hood if they want. I really don't get what BMW is thinking. I know I should just let it go if they are really just amazing cars. but just imagine if you own one and you want to brag about it, you would say "Hey, I drive an X6 50dM, uh wait, X5 M60d, no, X6 M50d!!"