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Originally Posted by Ænema View Post
Shortseller, I know this isn't what you want to hear but with Dinan you're very limited in the amount of power you can make and the HP/$ ratio is just terrible.

I'm genuinely not trying to bash Dinan or anything like that but it's just the reality of the tunes. Sometimes Piggybacks can't fuel and sometimes Cobb has boost control issues but Dinan is always expensive and comparably weak.
No offense taken, your observations are spot on. But weak is a relative term, and in my case for "around town and back country road fun" the Dinan 13 psi offered is plenty plus the fact that it came with a backing warranty was very important to me, so I considered it money well spent when I picked up the stage 2 flash. But when I was looking to tweak what I have, adding an intake or exhaust(likely next steps) I was unpleasantly surprised by the exorbitant cost asked of Dinan loyalist to just add a few extra hp/tq. And even more so if one considers the stage 3 which adds another .5 psi at a whopping 10k total price tag. Wow!

Just a bit of venting I guess and looking for advise to the second part of my original post, where to spend less and get more. My guess an FMIC is next, to which might or might not be Dinan sourced but it's my belief that this will add the next best bang for the buck towards an improved driving experience.

I appreciate your considerate approach in responding to my post!