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Originally Posted by jayb289 View Post
not buying it, every rapper from kanye to rick ross hypes about the rr so if this customer your referring to didnt buy the maybach for that reason then he certainly wouldnt buy the rr.

your posts stinks of elitism and your clearly out of touch. i have seen the rolls royce dealership in berkley square deliver pink rr to customers, matter of fact take a trip to london and you will see all sorts of rr creations running around. what does european aristocrats have to do with anything? their days are numbered, if your as clued up on bmw and rr as you claim then you will know which set of people are now the main target market for these type of cars.
I think you're missing the point SCOTT was trying to make. No manufacturer can really control who is seen driving their cars... but for a sales person representing a brand such as Maybach, to mis-judge a client by way of endorsing the brands quality using an inappropriate example, is piss poor salesmanship, frankly.

.. also, if Rolls-Royce can't be elitist... who can?