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Originally Posted by jackpollard View Post
Great! Are you happy with your results? Anything you would of totally did different? I'm pretty excited to see how it turns out. I watched 1 vid where the guy tried to burn the paint and couldn't using a PC. He had to turn it upside down and hit it to make a mark, that made me feel like I can't really screw it up too much.
Yeah I was actually super pleased with my results. I actually posted the end results in a couple threads below!! Like everyone said, I feel like using a DA is pretty much fool proof in terms of burning through the clearcoat UNLESS you really really mess up which is highly unlikely so you should be good. I would say prep work is very important in terms of washing, drying and claying. Also make sure you have adequate lighting and a proper work space. I strained a muscle or two when I was working on door panels. Either have a mini chair or stool to sit on while doing the sides or sit on the ground. I would also say don't rush the job, just take your time on every panel. Have some music on while you are working in the garage to get a rhythm going . And finally, make sure you start with a test panel instead of going with the most aggressive product possible. Less is better. But thats all i can think of, LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR RESULTS