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Originally Posted by Detailed Image View Post
You've got the right idea!

A DA polisher is incredibly safe, especially a smaller machine like the Porter Cable... don't over think it! As long as you've got a good head on your shoulders and some good common sense, you will be fine. It sounds like you have been doing a fair bit of research and learning, so that is a great first step. You will learn a lot very quickly once you get started on your vehicle.

FWIW, the only time I have seen DA machines result in damage (when the operator was not being irresponsible) was when a vehicle had shotty repair/paint work done and there was no way for the detailer to know of that beforehand. So again, you should be perfectly fine!
Zach; Thanks for taking the time to respond and attaching the video. I've read pretty much every thing you have posted on your site, very informative and makes it easier for us to do this kind of correction.
The paint looks relatively whole, no major paint repairs or anything like that.
I do have a question, what about the bumpers? Mine do have some scratches in them and I assume you don't use the same process with them? Thanks in advance.

yipronny I did see your post a few days back, I didn't connect it to you, you did a great job, I'm hoping mine comes out as good.