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Originally Posted by 320what View Post
id like to agree that watching hamilton drive on limit is most fun since Schumi or Senna, perhaps Senna more because Schumi excelled in era of clinical driving and traction control days, while Hamster is now throwing car into corners with sweet powerslides and so on. It's a pleasure to watch. But do i like him? no, he's like a little spoiled goldne child... but i like Alonso even less.

Support Kimi till he retires.

Two of the best drivers to ever grace this planet. Schumacher has a feel for a car that we could only dream of, he knew where the limit was and he constantly drove on it, I don't know whether that comes with alot of practice or is a gift from God, but he is an incredible driver.

I thought SpeedTv would have a re-air from Fox's original broadcast, but I haven't seen one yet. If anyone has it taped though or on DVD it would be awesome if you could post it on YouTube!

I can't wait until next year, they're FINALLY coming back to Indianapolis for the U.S. Grand Prix. That weekend is like car enthusiast HEAVEN. I was down the year before the tire fiasco, and Corvette, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, you name it, their clubs all had a meet there. That was the first time I got to drive an Enzo. We should most definitely arrange something for that, I know it's a long way away, but still...

If you've never heard an F1 car in person... All I have to say is bring alot of Kleenex.