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Originally Posted by Broken1
Well, the 330d has alot more power and more torque. If you do alot of driving in open roads, where you can use the power then I think it's worth it. Cars however, are an expense. If you are happy with a 320d, and you think it has enough power - there isn't much more enjoyment in a 330d. Rather take the spare money, invest it and in 4 years time you could be buying something alot nicer.

Alternatively, take the extra money - take yourself overseas, or buy a camera or use it to buy some goodies for the car.

Clearly it seems it's not down to money - in my case it was, as a 330d was 1/3 more expensive than a 320d making it way out of budget (R100 000more). I'm very happy with my 320d, it's such a fun car.

I leave it planted in 4th, and just cruise. When I see a nice sweeping bend, tap the accelerator and let the torque pull me through the corner. There isn't a better feeling. (Ok ok maybe revving that straight six to 7000rpm, but we are talking tractors here)

Do you actually feel a push in the back if you accelerate in 4th gear? What speeds are you talking about then? I have the impression mine is just slow in 4th and 5th (even in 3rd under 2500-3000 rpm).