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Originally Posted by vant
It is not explicitly called "fleet edition" but as you said, most (if not all) fleet cars will only have 150ps (but the same torque of 340Nm). The difference tax-wise is the one time tax you need to pay to put the car into circulation (BIV). For a car up to 110kw the BIV is EUR 867, for a car up to 120kw it is EUR 1,239.

The same "trick" is applied to the 330d. You have a "Belgian" version of 211ps/155kw. The 211 version will cost EUR 2,478 on BIV (the same will be true for an Alpina D3 with 200ps), the 231 version EUR 4,957.

Just to illustrate why there are indeed a lot of "downsized" cars in Belgium. For the BIV you can save you can buy some nice options. Still... I chose the 163ps...
I know My car is registred in Belgium...originally i wanted a 330d (but without leather and extra because of the budget...). It is my first car bought and registred in Belgium, so when the dealer started to speak about the TMC...i "downsized" to a 320d. ...I have no regret at all, because i put my money on somes extra and in my lemon interior and since i am driving a lot (wife in Belgium, my job in Germany...), i really appreciate the 320d and his consumption

I drived also a 147 JTD 115PS in the past, it is truth that the torque at lower rpm was quite impressive (compare to the 140ps version) but after 3000 rpm, it was the end
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