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Ok so I am quite concerned with my clutch. It was just replaced, and I continue to smell it burning after I park. What causes this? I will explain how i drive the car and maybe someone can tell me what I am doing wrong.

1. I start the car with the clutch to the floor. I begin to give the car gas and slowly release the clutch. Seems that if i release the clutch quickly i either stall or the car hiccups.

2. If I am going from lets say 75 miles an hour to 30 miles an hour. I will be in sixth gear i will slow down till about 40 and then engage the clutch and go into 3rd gear. Is this wrong?

3.When turning i will engage the clutch and release when the turn is over and will be in 2nd gear.

4. If i am going 80 and i see traffic infront of me i simply engage the clutch and coast to the traffic and then put into 1st or 2nd gear when at the appropriate speed. Am i suppose to go from 6th-5th-4th-3rd-2nd.???

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