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I'm really excited about vagina!
Do you see me trying to convert gays into loving vagina as much as I do?

From my point of's kind of a pathetic way of getting people to "trust you"

It's kind of like me introducing myself as "Shah and the ladies love me"
Sound stupid?
Is it a pathetic attempt by me to prove to you....a person i don't know nor give a flaming rats ass about that I may or may not be a ladies’ man?

I mean ok…you went to school have a PhD and are a doctor…sure introduce yourself as “Joe the Cardiologist!”
Because you know what…that shit I care about…in case someone is having a heart attack in the office….I’m going to know who to scream for….“Joe the motherfucking Cardiologist!”

And for the record i found Jesus...really nice guy...met him in Yuma Az....and i thanked him for all his hard work!