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Originally Posted by Teeeg28 View Post
Today I just got my N51 running the AA Stage 2 tune. And let me start off by saying wow.... just wow You can tell right off the bat that the guys at active put some serious effort into making this tune squeeze as much power out of the NA's as they could.

My next plans for the car are to try and get ahold of LTBMW for a visual update buttttt Im not sure how to get ahold of them or anything, I havent quite firgured that out so it someone could chime in and give me some information about them Id appreciate it
Great, Dyno please!

u should also check if Disa really kicks on at about 50-60 percent throttle, switching point is about 3200 and 4400 rpm. if you can clearly feel those then the adaption is set.

LT swapped their name to LTMW, they got very good reputation in this forum, but not sure if you wanna drive all the way up here to get any exterior parts.
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