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Originally Posted by Former_Boosted_IS View Post
The thing is my car is continuing to make more horsepower. I have tested this on a dyno and I am not running stupid fat. I am sure all of the higher hp applications will over over to port injection as well, but that is not a solution now. Regardless the point of this discussion still was that we can begin to test the limits of the fuel system. At some point we should see either major inconsistencies or the A/F going leaner and leaner as we reach the limits of the fuel system.
It wont show inconsistencies though, It will be consistently rich lol, however it won't be accurate. Like I said in my edited post, you are not there yet being that you are still making power, however you should be close to maxing out the injector "time frame" cause as stated, the window useable fuel gets injected on a DI motor is alot smaller than that of a PI car. But first things is first, get accurate fp measurements from terry's scaling factor.