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There is a hole in the BMW line as far as a "uber" M car or halo supercar. The M6 while a V10 bada$$ never could compete with R8 or 911 turbo, GTr, etc. I repeat myself but the DNA is there. Offer "regular type" M3's at 70k loaded or so. Then as Porsche or audi does offer a S/C version breaking the 500hp mark at say 80-85K. of course it would carry other enhancements such a better brakes and perhaps recaro type seats etc. I don't like the fact that a mustang GT now can perform at the same level as a M3 mostly, and the GT500 offers 550hp and the 1M runs numbers waay to close to M3 to justify price jump. This "E8" or whatever will not attract my money.

GTR is now the leader for the money where before it was the M3. m division/bmw seems not to care. They are here to make money which I get BUT my other car is an X6. If I defect with an R8 or the like I wont stay in the BMW family with my DD. So they will lose on both ends. The F32 if done with 450hp will become 2nd best out of the gate. It needs to target the GTR. If it takes a "black" or GTS version with 10-15K price jump from "regular" F32 M3 then so be it. Or what about an M4 with the 4.4L TT V8 at 550 hp? Hmm.

Has the M division reached it apex? Not trying to flame, just want m to lead, not follow. Who aspire's to be 2nd best? Is that going to be bmw's M division new logo?