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Originally Posted by Eugeinus View Post
When RG3 could barely walk, that should have been the sign for the coaches to put in Cousins. We all saw how ineffective he became on offense after tweaking his knee, and their read option plays became completely ineffective since the hawks knew he couldn't run. As a pro, of course he's going to want to play through it all. It's the Coach's job to make the final call, based on what's best for the team and player. It was a terrible move leaving him in as long as they did.

Sure it was a good season, but the damage to the face of the franchise might have already been done. Much respect to RG3, but Shanny is truly an awful decision maker as evident by last night's events.
Finally someone that talks sense here. Shanahan is an awful decision maker. Are you going to risk completely messing up a kid's knee because the kid wants to stay in and keep playing?
Right after RG3 fell and hurt his knee he made another run play where he ran to the side line and was limping! isn't that enough to pull the trigger and make the decision?