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Originally Posted by Mr. 5 View Post
I'm sorry guys because I know that this has been beaten to death, but I'm trying to make a decision about the tires to get on my new wheels and it's killing me. Please be nice with the dead horse smilies.

I currently have General UHPs, 235 front and 265 rear and it bugs the crap out of me that there is so much wheel exposed.
I want to step up the width so bad but I'm a family man.
I haul my family around and I don't want to be rubbing everywhere.

For those who have this setup and are currently using the General UHPs then please give me your input.
I understand that the e92's wheel well isn't as wide as the e90 so if you also have an e90 then that would be great to hear your experiences.
Please give me your input.
I'm running Michelin PS/2s on 19x8.5 et35=>235/35 and 19x9.5 et30=>275/30 on my e90. No issues with very spirited driving.


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