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Audio Upgrade Advice for an E90

I was hoping I could get some input from you guys on doing an audio upgrade on my 2007 328i E90. So here's what I have currently: the stock HiFi system, and that's pretty much it. I haven't upgraded anything since I got the car, and like many others, I find the stock system lacking in giving good lows and clean & clear highs. The bass is particularly disappointing, if I might say (let me just add, I'm not really looking at 'ground shaking' kinds of bass, but rather something deeper/richer). I also tinker with hifi and audio systems as a hobby, and so naturally my next step was to extend this to my mobile habitat, which is my car.

So, my plan is to replace the OEM amp with an aftermarket one, and also replace the underseats and front door speakers. e90post is addictive, and I've spent countless hours over several weeks reading audio upgrade threads. For this, I'd like to say 'thanks a lot' to those who have posted on their installs and given their insights prior, that's what makes this forum a true learning place. Anyhow, on to what I have in mind...

Reading through the forums, I've decide on two potential upgrade paths.

The first one:
- JL Audio XD600/6 amp
- Rainbow SLC 210.25 NG components
- Earthquake SWS 8 underseats

The second one:
- JL Audio XD600/6 amp
- Morel Dotech Ovation components
- Jehnert XE200 underseats

The third option would be some combination of the above two. Here's where my questions come in:

1) I was leaning towards the SWS 8 because I do not plan on adding a trunk sub. The XE200, as I understand it, is a midbass driver. While I have read much praise about the XE200, having not heard it in person, I don't know if it'll give me the deeper/richer type of bass I'm looking for (considering I don't plan on a trunk sub). Do bear in mind, 'ground shaking' is not what I'm looking for. Are my fears unfounded?

2) I understand there's somewhat of a difference in price between the Rainbows and Morels. While most of us I'm sure would love to get what sounds 'best', I'd also like to do so without making my wallet too much lighter and without buying a set that doesn't suit my tastes. To this end, what are your opinions in terms of the way each of the above sound? Which one is brighter, or more balanced, etc? Like the underseats, I don't have the opportunity to audition them, so relying on your descriptions is what I have to go by.

3) Between the Rainbows, Morels, Earthquakes, and Jehnerts, which pair complements each other better?

Like I said, thanks to all for having shared their insights prior. Any feedback on what I'm hoping to do would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!