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I did the BMW training at Eastern Creek as a guest of a (very kind) BMW dealer in Sydney. I was able to do 2 laps in a 550, 750 sport, Z4M, M3, M5 and M6. At the end, Geoff Brabham took me for 2 hot laps in his (DSC disabled) M5.

This is an excellent opportunity to discover:
  • That traction control really works.
  • That BMWs work brilliantly on a track as well as suburban streets.
  • The actual difference between models. (I loved the feel of the M3 the most. The M5/M6 power was amazing but the cars felt heavy compared to the Z4 and M3)

Even though I thought I was a pretty fast driver, the “hot” laps with Geoff Brabham made me realise just how slow I was.

I would consider the training as more of a high-tech test drive than training. Brilliant fun and part of the reason for my 335i purchase.