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Originally Posted by lightweight View Post
Superb write-up Tone. Your insights are great and I love reading your reviews. Car looks flawless. What a project you've turned this into.

You in the market for more mods?

If so, what are they?

P.S seems like your running out of space in your sig
More mods?! Yikes!!!

I think I'm done on the mechanical side of things now - there's nothing really left to do. The car goes link stink, stops like buggery, sticks like glue to the road, is comfortable to drive, can lap the 'Ring one day and pootle around London the next... !

The audio is done too now, the video cameras are installed... I'll have to writeup about those bits too, but that'll take some time Maybe a couple of cosmetic tweaks here and there and that'll be it... finito !!!