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Originally Posted by Proven View Post
Now im not trying to step on anybodies toes are anything, but with the kinda people i roll with, its like, seen my car run. If u think u can take it down, line up. If u dont, go sit on the bench and watch. We dont nic pic simple mods like tunes. If y'all that concerned, then u most not be feeling to confident.

LOL that came right from the movie didn't it..Thanks for the laugh, when I go to Mexico in Nola I don't ever ask. I just pick a car I like and line them up. However, in this forum we all know each other and things are usually done differently.

Originally Posted by michaelsevilla View Post
It's wrong. 2. It's a stage 1 :-/. That was wrong. I said this a few times as in crap tune need to get it set off etc. I don't understand what you're so scared of if I had my tune on trust me when it gets put on I wanna c the difference against y'all and either way im waiting for it to get sent back

: I don't have the right tune on my car

: I have to send te shit back

: etc etc.
Anyhow, you bought a tune that works with other mods? It's only stage 1?It's a tune for an S85 motor... That's somewhat informational because removing the factory charcol filters on an M5/M6 is 10-15 rwhp. If you don't think you can pick up 40rwhp on an M5/6 with intake/pullies/tune/free flowing exhaust then you must not know your car at all really. S65's pick up 30-40 with good tuning and breathing mods and they are 2 cylinders short of your motor. What was that about stock?

The fact is you're still beating around the bush. Nobody in here cares to meet with someone whose out their to promote themselves through bullshitting. If you think people are going to drive in town to run you, try approaching them with some sincerity first. You came into our forum and I instigated the friendly run and directed Grant towards you. If we wanted to play games, we'd post on Callouts or NOS.R, it's that simple

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