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I just performed my first oil change at 7000 miles and this thread has proved to be especially helpful. Here are a few observations from my experience:

- The oil filter was nearly impossible to remove by hand. I had to wrestle with it for about 10 minutes, taking breaks to cool my hands (with gloves on) before it loosened up.

- The ramps are tricky. I picked up a pair of 8000 lbs rhino ramps for the job. At first I thought I'd just drive up and get to business. As several folks have noted, the ramps have a tendency to slide. My process was to kick the ramps up against the tires and wedge a sandbag against the back of the ramp to keep it from slipping. Then I had my wife spot me. Still it took a few iterations to get it right.

- I found that my local dealer was willing match an online price of 4.89 for the oil (part: 07510017866) and 9.42 (part: 11427566327) for the filter. This saved me about $30 from their original prices.

- I almost missed the pea sized o-ring for the oil filter assembly.

- I could find the crush washer after the drain bolt was removed and realized it was still stuck to the oil pan.

- The drain bolt was not very tight when I removed it and and without a torque wrench I may have gone a bit too tight when putting it back. I plan to invest in a torque wrench for the next job.

Overall it was easy and for less than the cost of a gas fill-up a no brainer as well.