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Originally Posted by cranelec View Post
Actually Pladi, in addition to the DME & wiring harness, the crankshaft vibration damper or harmonic balancer due to the '15s belt having eight ribs, the old pan must be transferred,the vacuum pump, the fuel pump, the engine block castings which attach to the motor mounts, valve cover, fuel rail, turbofold block mounting bracket, aluminum—rubber coolant pipe from engine block-waterpump-turbo (at least if new/donor engine is AWD w/EWG).
All aluminum engine brackets blasted and painted with Eastwood's "Aluma-Blast"
Oilpan interior coated with Glyptol.
O2 Sensors removed and VSRF down-pipe blasted & prepped for painting.
ProMeth manifold prepped for installation.

Wow incredible update.

How did you find prometh customer service ?

I am building my own meth controller and overall system and had some questions regarding some of their products but never got any answers.

Why did you opt for this manifold as suppose to the aluminum spacer that some other guys sell. Just curios. Might be cheaper i think.