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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
You live in DC - how many days does it snow each year? I put snow tires on my tuned 135 and never had an issue getting around. X drive in DC is like wearing a raincoat every day of the year, just in case it rains.
It depends on the year as to how many days it snows. Some years not at all. But it does snow. And I never drive the car in a manner that would exceed the limits -- speed, cornering, or others -- of what an X-drive BMW can handle because my driving skills aren't that keen. So that's the one I would pick.

I understand the poster who said heated seats, but I tend to wear full length overcoats in the winter, so my butt's rarely in contact with a cold seat. My phone can handle the navigation duties as I've learned from traveling quite often.

As I noted above, though, I am just curious to see what sorts of things folks here value most and paring down to one option pretty well makes that point clear. Folks will either slant toward something that makes the experience of driving better or something that makes the experience of riding better, or something that is cosmetic.

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