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No one has to change their endlinks if they lower their cars, it will work fine. But being that most of us are dropping our cars more than the i guys, it might be important to revisit the situation of endlink replacement since it more than likely is causing a lot of load on the front sway, the rear not as much.

UltraRacer and myself aren't good examples of finding the right length since we adjust our endlink collars.

Here is what kind of database is needed for the xi's to get a general idea of what length endlinks are needed.

1.) What brand coilover/strut (Since some might have different height endlink mounting points)

2.) How much you drop your car (Easiest measurement is from wheel center to wheel well. i.e 13.5inches)

3.) Length of endlink needed for no preload.

Example (These aren't real)

Brand: TC Klines
Drop: 14 inches center hub to wheel well
Endlink: 12 inch Endlink

Brand: KWV1
Drop: 12 inches center hub to wheel well
Endlink: 13.5 inch Endlink