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I've had a the alpine upgrade fitted and my stereo coded to Hi-Fi but I'm still a little disappointed. So the question is what's my next step? I find that that mid is ok (not the weak point at the moment) but now the treble is a little flat and not as bright as I'd like while bass is underwhelming and muddled at some frequencies while at others it seems fine.

The problem is that I don't have a lot of money and I don't want a sub in the boot, so I was thinking my options are:

1. a processor of some kind (prob bit ten rather than MS-8)
2. PnP speaker kit (but which one as I'd like to keep the alpine amp at the moment because money's tight).
3. L7 woofers (but for the same money I could get the 201 Gladens or even MB Quarts).

The alpine amp's 4 x 80w rms I think so will it have enough power for the new woofers.

I could quite easily sell the alpine kit on e-bay or here and start again but I REALLY don't want to do that mainly because of the thought of pulling it all out of the car as much as the selling hassle.

If I had 1-2K then this would be a damn sight easier but I don't as I should be saving up for a house deposit.

What are my options?