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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
Not even close.

People stop me in my E63 V-10 with Tubi X-pipe, section 3 and Dinan CAI, to tell me how great it sounds. People have also followed me for miles to relay the same info. And to give you a bit of perspective, a friend who easily owns about 30 million in cars, including McLaren P1 and F1s told me that I have the best sounding engine he has ever heard. He will tell you if you own a crap car in a second and has no reason to shine me on. He placed a bid to own a professional sports team. Professionally, I am a nobody to him. He gains nothing by lying to me. The car...that's a different story.

V8's sounding better than V10's. HA!

I'm not the baller you are, that exhaust system you have probably could've bought me a built shortblock. That aside, sound preferences are highly subjective, and you're entitled to your opinion. (Not some hypothetical rich dudes') I've heard some flat-plane crank V-8s that'll rip your head off. Even Ford's DOHC 4.6 sounds like the sweetest music with the right pipes.

I've got an idea... we could both post sound clips of our rides, and have the BMW community decide. American V-8 vs. German V-10? Idle/rev?

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