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Originally Posted by Rebellato View Post
Im running 5w40 motul 8100 excess - - on my 130i since i got it, in 2017, and changed it twice a year.

Already did 6 trackdays, no issue at all, the oil temperature usually maxes at 266F, and the highest was 275F on a really hot day.

Is it ok?
Motul X-Cess is good oil. I am not particularly fan of that X-Cess as KV100 (kinematic viscosity at 100c) is bit high considering HTHS of 3.7 (HTHS is what you want on track).
Now, Motul has new X-Cess, Gen2 that has lower KV100 but higher HTHS.
On track you really want oil that has high HTHS (resistance of oil to temporary or permanent viscosity loss which happens behind piston rings, journal bearings etc). SHell Helix Ultra 5W40 has exceptional HTHS compared to KV100. But, also, you want oil that has high ZDDP (anti wear additive) and that would be Mobil1 0W40 of these regularly available oils.
Mobil1 actually advertises 0W40 as track capable oil.
Now, Motul has product specifically made for street and track use. If your car is out of warranty, you might be interested in Motul Sport 5W40. I am not sure whether they are carrying it in all markets, but it is available in the US.
For comparison, Spurt 5W40 has HTHS of 4cp. X-Cess has 3.7, while Mobil1 0W40 has 3.6.
You will be fine with X-Cess, but these are also options to consider.