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Where did you get the oil base composition? I only know that the new mobile1 formulations supposedly don't test out as well as old formulation when it was Ll-01 approved (as per bitog posts). I still run Castrol Edge EU 0-40. Mostly because it's cheap and available on every shelf.

LL-01 also dictates extremely low NOACK %. Some of these other oils people recommend because they are "thicker" have much higher Noack which is no good for use in a hot turbo. BMW LL-01 is a tough standard to beat. It demands a high quality oil.
It is in the Mobil1 MSDS.
LL01 dictates 13% Noack. MB229.5 is up to 10%. LL01 is actually not as stringent as MB229.5 or Porsche A40. However, where it is most stringent is oxidation requirements. Reason why 0W oil cannot meet LL01 is oxidation is that due to high HTHS requirement they are all heavy W30 (for example Castrol Edge 0W30) or light W40 (M1 0W40, Valvoline, Pennzoil). Due to the nature of those oils, Esters are often used or some lower quality oils use a lot of viscosity improvers. In both cases oils are naturally acidic which makes them non compliant to new LL01 update (2018). The reason why LL01 and LL04 were updated is new engine test (N20). Previous LL01 were based on N52. N20 also has specific test for timing chain due to issues with that engine. In reality, N51, 52, 54 and 55 owners could use ANY oil that is approved for MB229.5.