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Originally Posted by g0at23 View Post
I am going to leave BMW. This is for all those who are considering buying this engine or a similar BMW turbo charged engine.

First 10K Miles great! Drives great no problems! I wonder who are all those sad saps on the forum talking about their car troubles. It had to be the older models 07-08 where BMW is working out their kinks! Cause my car drives great.

11k miles... Metallic rattling coming from the engine... Brought it in dealership, had to replace oil valve for leakage and they made some "tweaks" to stop it from rattling. No biggie.

13k miles... loud rattling coming from exhaust. Brought it in, waited a week for them to diagnose the problem. They said the left exhaust is defective and replace the exhaust. A little annoying.

20K miles... rattling from the engine returns... Now there is a software update! It stopped the rattling for about a month. Now I'm just gonna live with it cause I can't keep iinterupting my life, career, commute so I can fix my brand new 57K car.

25K miles... HPFP... Gee thanks BMW. Parts not available because every other N54 engine got their HPFP replaced probably! No loaner available because they were all out so I got a Chevy HK or something like that. You know the peice of shit that looks like a hurst. They told me they did something else for the rattling noise as well! How thoughtful!

38K Miles... Rattling from under the Vehicle returned about 30K miles but again... Also During this span I have ridiculous squeeling from the brakes and also the suspension when I go up or down a curved on/off ramp or making a sharp turn. I was tired of bringing it in to the dealership but the noise has become too much. They discovered that the oil pipe, coolant valve, bushings, rotors/brakes, and turbos need replacing. I felt great after this service. It drove great! Almost new... till...

38.5K miles... LOL thats right my car is in the shop as we speak. I woke up this morning on my way to work. I drove 3 city blocks and the engine started shaking. It was shaking and the engine started misfiring. Turbos lagging. I drove 1 more block to a quiet street and while doing so the exhaust was spitting out large amounts of white smoke. BMW roadside service 2 hours later took it to dealership and they said its probably the injectors are clogged. They said they cant do anything right now cause there are other cars ahead of me LOL for similar priority problems as well (HPFP, WASTEGATES, ETC.) and they are swamped from the battery wire recall? And the M5 M6 recalls? ROFL...

WHAT A JOKE. BMW's are fun to drive for about 20K miles. After that its a joke. This is not just me. My friends co-workers own BMW's too. From the v10 m5/m6, to m3's, 3 series, 5 series. My friends combined is like a BMW showroom and they all have had at least 1 huge time consuming problem with their cars. I'm sure there a a select few with no problems but most have had similar dealings and a solid amount are like me... FRUSTRATED. I've read consumer reports about Audi being the most reliable out of the 3 big German brands. I'm getting a RS5 if I can still get one (hopefully still available 2014 model)

I know there will be die hard people here who will bash me. But come on son! Don't lie to yourself. I love driving BMW's too but this is ridiculous....

If you buy a N54 or N55 engine after reading this than your a retard. I read a few post like this before I got my car and I still bought one and BOYYYY DO I FEEL STUPID. Don't be a retard like me...
My bmw had 190K miles in 3 years not a single problem. didn't even change its oil. the trick is to never change your oil..... it will keep your car running for century's