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Originally Posted by nukezero View Post
I also have a 2009, may build, M-sport 6MT, fully loaded. I don't have half the problems you have.
63k miles and still going coming up on 4 years now.

The only thing I had were:

1. HPFP replaced under recall. There were symptoms of hard starts. But after new HPFP, not anymore.

2. rear tail light malfunction on two different sides both taken care of under warranty at 22k miles.

3. replaced rear muffler at 49k miles.

4. replace rattling wastegate actuator rods, no problems now.

The dealer also performed all other maintenance.

Never had a check-engine light or limp mode. Car is now on Cobb AP Stage1 for 10k miles no problem.

I believe I can reach 100k miles with this car with very minimal maintenance/repair costs. I have a minor oil housing gasket leak ($15 part) but I will be doing the labor myself. I will also check the valve cover gasket. This summer, I will be replacing the water pump, thermostat, and serpentine belt. These jobs alone at an indy should would cost north of 3 grand. But I'm pretty handy, and so far it's only going to cost me $1000+ in parts if I just DIY.

I consider that a very small price to pay for a car to reach 100k miles. I haven't even paid for brakes/rotors out of my pocket yet and those brakes/rotors are good for another 30k miles according to the CBS.

I think you got a lemon. Those who have 2007/08 may have more problems. Especially those who have the older subframe that keeps hitting the powersteering pulley which breaks the belt.
i don't know if you ever had another car but those repairs (under warranty or not) are not your average wear and tear, that is some massive failure on components. you were just lucky that were repaired under warranty.
Do not expect those are to be the last problems you have to deal with it.
the 335 is a fantastic machine, it's simply not reliable, that's it.