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Originally Posted by keeedle View Post
Thanks for the info.
I don 't want my car to be too loud. I want it to be louder than stock but doesn't want it to sounds like a civic..
Do you have any muffler in mind that sounds good? I saw a lot of members using magnaflow universal mufflers to make their duals/quads. Any comment on those?
Personally, i'm a fan of straight-pipe sound. If you can find a shop that will let you 'clamp' down different mufflers to your system to experiment with, that's your best bet, but to my knowledge, shops like that are very rare as most only keep scrap mufflers in stock and the new ones are always on order... :/

Originally Posted by Johnny D View Post
It's only a 3.0L NA motor. Big diameter exhaust isn't worth it. Plus, if you compare diameter, dual 2.25" has more area than a single 3". Dual 2.5" is just to much for this motor. I'm going with 2.25" to keep the exhaust velocity high thus keeping the torque and hopefully gaining some power.
Do you plan on doing a dyno run after your exhaust is set up? I'd be interested to see the results. ^__^ i'll give you $1. hehe