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Originally Posted by Maza454 View Post
Hello JHR, i am from Brazil and i have a 2010 335i sport. Last week i have to change the high pressure fuel pump.... and it is common here problems with the injectors.
My car is stock and have 26 mkm.
Hello Maza454,

Thank you for your comments. Do you know if anyone attempted to study these problems scientifically? For example, has BMW Brazil ascertained using technical evidence what is causing the injector problems? I have not heard of injector problems being common here in the US. Certainly it could be the extra ethanol. But there are other differences, too, such as weather (it's hotter in Brazil, on average), or possibly other contaminants in the fuel that can get by the fuel filter and cause problems in the injectors...has anybody determine if there are any sugar molecules in the ethanol that is blended in with the gas?