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Originally Posted by reolonaapp View Post
The HFPF is a common problem wide world.. Doesnt matter if it uses ethanol or not..

Here in BR, at least the cars that officially came via BMW were tropicalized.
It means, they had some changes on engine, suspension, etc to adapt the car to our conditions.

In theory, the E20 wouldnt be a problem since we have cars with 100, 150k km on the clock with no major issue..

The only problem Im aware of about BMW engines, is about N43.
Due to higher temperatures we have down here and dense traffic, some cars start smoking around 50k km.
Yeah if you buy it through BMW itself the cars are "tropicalized" to deal with the heat, humidity and specially POT HOLES. My mom had a 3 series in Fortaleza and she would always fill up the tank with some sort of gas that has less ethanol. I think it was sold at BR. We sold our cars after she was almost kidnapped and now she is driving a bulletproof Corolla. LOL.