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Originally Posted by ZURICH View Post
you guys don't know or realise how lucky you are! I live in Switzerland, originally from UK, last port of call Venezuela. It is sooooo expensive here I drive 2 hours just to go food shopping in Germany,new price on a stacked 320 here can be 65 grand I know the salaries here are the best in Europe by a long way but we still have to watch the pennies, OK, you will need to be sitting for this one..................... are you ready? A burger fries and a coke at Burger king will set you back 15 bucks or at Macdonalds 12 bucks this may give you guys a fresh look at the great time we are having "NOT" Yours enviously. Kev

Me in Zurich last week
haha yeah, you live in one of the most expensive places in the world! I do business in Zurich, and I have family in Geneva....Switzerland is crazy expensive...though they have similar health care benefits to Canada. One of the main reasons my cousin is moving to Geneva from London. Geneva is a much better place to raise a child than downtown London.

But yeah, you live in a premium place, you pay a premium price.

But I understand your pain. I used to complain how expensive London was...until I visited Geneva for the first time. Though its really beautiful there!