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Originally Posted by manutdas11 View Post
Yeah, I've had my car ever since '08 and got it with less than 500 miles on it. So far, I've enjoyed it. But ever since coming on the forums I've learned about different things to "improve" my car. Do you know how much E90 M3 control arms differ from a regular E90?
Hopefully in the next week I get my oil filter gasket leak taken care of along with spark plugs and maybe ignition coils if needed, and then FINALLY swapping the halogens out with the euro bi-xenons I've had laying around for the past couple months.
The forums got the best of us and the difference from the M3 & Stock Control Arms is of course M3 has better improved handling, car feels more planted to the ground, stiffer bushings compared to stock which are crappy soft bushing that wear out fast, and more negative camber i'm doing this because my bushings are almost worn out and I need to change it so why not just change everything.

Originally Posted by M_Truong View Post
Yup. Europrojektz will be out there showing support for a good cause. You don't need to look over the top to be a show car. I when I first started showing with just wheels, lip, blacklines and black kidneys. You should come out anyway, it's for a good cause.

What does your version II consist of?
Alright, i'll come out since it's for a good cause and can you pm me the info for it? I can't seem to find it.

Version II i'm going to concentrate on just pure exterior cosmetics can't really say what parts because i'm still undecided.