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Originally Posted by Najt View Post
hm.. the only thing which I understand is that I need wireshark

- I have tried arp -a on F11 - where I knew correct IP of the car, but in the list, the IP was not there neither
If you install WireShark under Linux, it will offer to switch any found network interface into promiscuous mode.

That means the network interface will read and log any packets that are flying by, even those not destined for it.

Wireshark can be used to log those packets and look for reoccurring IP's.

Once you have a few consistent IP addresses you can set the interface to use the same subnet (aka "Network) and any program that can poll and search for devices on the same network, should return the addresses of the car's modules.

If I recall correctly ARP requires some packet exchanges before it can return the mac & IP addresses of the destination packets. Since ARP is only looking for packets on the same subnet it will not return a valid result until you have your computer exchanging packets with the car.

I've read on other threads that people have had success by providing DHCP to the car over ethernet. This requires installing some sort of DHCP service on your PC... I believe they used TFTP and all of the required components to act as a mini-DHCP service. I did not need to resort to this when I tried getting my 1B file originally.